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Prospect Community Library & Innovation Centre

Prospect Community Library & Innovation Centre


Prospect City Councils long held support for the Visual Arts as a community resource has resulted in  the development, design and construction of one of the States most modern and innovative local Government Public buildings.  Now home to Prospects’ local Community Art Gallery, Library and Innovation Centre the new building also provides for Councils long term Administration Services office requirements which seamlessly integrates with the well preserved heritage Council Chambers building on the same site. Kobe Track Spots by Unios are used throughout the ground floor, library & art gallery spaces to create an inviting, creative environment.

The design of this innovative building was the creation of JPE Design Studio in consultation with Lucid Consulting Engineers who provided the inspiration and design scope for the introduction of the latest in modern LED lighting as the preferred solutions to this development. The exterior façade enabled the development of a specialist and fully customised on-site programmable RGBW LED Lighting system using ColorBurst IntelliHue Powercore by Color Kinetics.  This system was then developed to enable the user client to easily manipulate and apply their own dynamic lighting schemes to the exterior façade as a means of capturing community engagement involvement for special, seasonal and other community events.

JPE Design Studio

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City of Prospect

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